Sigma Delta Tau Student

Thank you for learning more about the Mentor Program through Sigma Delta Tau where you will be paired with an SDT alumna.

Your journey with your mentor involves:

  • Having a minimum of 3 conversations with your mentor over the course of 1 semester (over the phone, video chat or in person).
  • Attending 4 live, online workshops teaching you how to introduce yourself to your mentor, how to ask the right questions, and how to get achieve your goal of landing an internship, job offer, acceptance to a graduate program, identifying your degree path, or expanding your network by the end of the semester.
  • Meeting with a peer Brand Ambassador whom you can go to with questions and feedback for your mentorship experience.
  • Completing a post-program assessment.

We will ask you to pay a $50 deposit to sign up for the program, but you will be refunded that $50 back at the end of the semester for successful completion (effectively making the program free). To learn more about how the fee works, click here.

To be paired with a mentor, please enter your contact information below and complete the 5-10 minute Student Assessment to help us connect you with the mentor who best suits your goals.

SDT Student Assessment
Ambition in Motion - 2018