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Leaders Gain Objectivity


Executive Mastermind Groups ?


Objectivity is the single most important component in a leader making big strides in improving their performance.

Avoid wasted time
by learning from the mistakes of other executives

Learn from another executive who can relate to you

Leverage data to connect with the right executive
Get out of your silo
Take your company to the next level

Mentorship Types

Why horizontal beats vertical every time

Becomes Transactional Creates a power imbalance based on workplace hierarchy

Mentorship is not training. When mentorship is vertical, the focus is on the mentee getting something as opposed to both people benefitting.


Of Participants in Traditional...

Vertical mentorships are considered productive and quality by both parties

Builds Empathy Creates opportunities to learn about obstacles

Mentorship is mutual. When mentorship is horizontal, the focus is on both people learning and teaching, regardless of experience or status.


Of Participants in Horizontal...

Mentorships last for 6 months and are considered productive by participants

vertical mentorship


Power imbalances

Pressure to impress

Communication barriers

vertical mentorship
horizontal mentorship


Mutual respect

Shared motivations


horizontal mentorship

Everything you need to know

What is the focus of the Ambition In Motion executive mastermind group?

What are the 3 core values you seek in leaders for the executive mastermind group?

Why is vulnerability a core value you seek in a leader for the executive mastermind group?

Why is being willing to challenge and be challenged a core value to the executive mastermind group?

Why is being willing to experiment a core value to the executive mastermind group?

Why does the executive mastermind group use horizontal mentorship and what does that mean?

How long are your executive mastermind cohorts?

Why are they 9 months?

What happens after the 9-month executive mastermind group cohort?

Why is committing to the full 9-month cohort important?

What is the monthly time commitment for the executive mastermind group?

How flexible is the time commitment?

Do executives' companies ever pay for their participation in the executive mastermind group?

How can leaders go to their CEO or boss to get approval to financially support their participation in the executive mastermind group?

Do you offer flexible payments to work with an executive's company's fiscal cycle?

Do you offer discounts for paying for the entire 9-month program upfront?

How does admission to the executive mastermind group work?

How can I schedule an interview with Garrett Mintz to determine if I am a fit for the executive mastermind group?

Do you run executive mastermind group cohorts throughout the year? If so, when are your cohort start dates?

How do you pair executives together for mentorship?

Is there an assessment the executive mastermind group uses to pair leaders together for both their mastermind group and their mentor?

Who are the researchers on the Ambition In Motion team helping support their research efforts?

Beyond the group meetings and the mentor meetings, are there any additional elements to the executive mastermind group?

What are Lunch & Learns?

Do the Lunch & Learn speakers provide their contact information for additional interaction?

What are Executive Symposiums?

Do you record your panels for those who can't attend in person or would like to review the panel at a later date?

Do you host the Executive Symposiums in different cities?

Can I invite my friends who are fellow leaders to attend the Executive Symposium?