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What our clients are saying

Image of Aaron Grady

Aaron Grady

HR & IT Manager at Bloomerang

What is something you have learned from a mentor this past month? While working with Chip Stapleton in the Ambition In Motion HR Executive Mentor program, I've learned that there is no wrong path to becoming an HR or Training Professional. There's nothing weird or shameful about a long, winding road to a career you enjoy. I'm really excited to keep working together.

Image of Chip Stapleton

Chip Stapleton

Helping Businesses, their owners, and employees through Financial Wellness and exit planning.

What is something you have learned from a mentor this past month? I've been working with Aaron Grady in the Ambition In Motion HR Executive mentor program. And this past month I learned that sometimes you find your passion or place in a company through evolution, not necessarily by design. I'm really excited for our next meeting and where this will take me! #mentorship #ambition #hrprofessionals #indianapolis

Image of Adam Dorfman

Adam Dorfman

Growth Product Manager at Seeking Alpha

If you are a company that wants to increase your employee morale and retention, check this company called Ambition In Motion lead by Garrett Mintz. These guys are pioneering horizontal mentorship and it's having great results in companies around the world.

Image of Chip Stapleton

Chip Stapleton

Helping Businesses, their owners, and employees through Financial Wellness and exit planning.

Hey everyone! A few days ago I posted about a horizontal mentorship program I am in through Ambition In Motion. It is an excellent program. I am about halfway through and it has already exceeded my expectations. Garrett Mintz created a wonderful process and program. If you are an executive or leader in your organization, I highly recommend this program! Here is a referral link you can use!

Image of Geoff McCuen

Geoff McCuen

HR and Payroll Professional, Award-winning speaker & author, Documentary film producer, Navy veteran

If you are one of my HR colleagues, please take some time to check out Ambition In Motion. I just submitted a blog post related to the start of my mentoring relationship. I'm very excited to see what insights I gain and what "next steps" this leads me toward.

Image of Aaron Grady

Aaron Grady

HR & IT Manager at Bloomerang

Changing focus can be daunting, but it's an important skill for an HR professional to hone and to share with others. Through the Ambition In Motion Mentor Program, Chip Stapleton and I discussed recently how we manage our ever-shifting project and daily priorities, both in and out of the office. Chip also taught me something about making peace with a stalled project and focusing on other priorities until you can come back to it. I'm looking forward to see what we can learn from each other at our next meeting.

Image of Aaron Grady

Aaron Grady

HR & IT Manager at Bloomerang

What are your impossible goals? This month, as part of the Ambition In Motion Mentor Program, my partner Chip Stapleton and I talked about the metaphorical mountains we've climbed throughout our careers and how sometimes the first little-itty-bitty-tiny-baby step is the hardest one. Right after that first step, though, the impossible gets a lot more possible.

Image of Johnmark Massey

Johnmark Massey

Engineering Team Lead for Growth-and-Retention at

Executives need mentoring, with all the same urgency and focus as their interns do. This was a great session from July, with an FBI negotiator. Secret gems from Ambition In Motion

Image of Chip Stapleton

Chip Stapleton

Helping Businesses, their owners, and employees through Financial Wellness and exit planning.

Let's talk about Impossible Goals - or as a colleague of mine calls them BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals). I had a conversation recently with Aaron Grady in the Ambition In Motion HR Horizontal Mentorship Program about this topic. I learned that "Impossible" is temporary. I have been told that your goals need to not be "Impossible." Not exactly worded that way, but that was the intent. Setting a goal that is impossible today, doesn't mean to it won't be possible tomorrow. Every little step you take opens doors and opportunities that didn't exist before. If you have an impossible BHAG - map out the steps needed to achieve it, and take the first step, then the next. You may not end up at the end goal, but it can progress you to something you never knew you wanted.

Image of Melinda Honcoop

Melinda Honcoop

Chief People Officer

Thankful for kickstarting my peer mentoring experience this week with Ambition In Motion. As a Chief People Officer, I found the loss in having a leader above me to bounce ideas off, guide me in my continuous learning journey, and provide unique perspectives. HR professionals have the opportunity to make a difference. Their work directly impacts their organization, resulting in a ripple effect that flows into an employee’s home life, communities, and personal interactions. When you look at the sphere of influence in total, it becomes quite large. During a recent Friday conversation with a direct report in which he realized the power of an aligned purpose-driven organization, he exclaimed this was now a “Fired Up Friday.” What if every employee felt that way? Can you imagine the incredible outcomes? As an HR professional, I want to continue to make “Fired Up Fridays” possible for everyone. That is why the peer mentoring program intrigued me. After one conversation with my pair mentor, I could see the possibilities. I can see how our conversations will challenge and sharpen each other and keep our perspectives fresh. It is indeed a “Fired Up Friday”!

Image of Rachel Connor

Rachel Connor

Chief Enthusiast at Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP)

I tried to launch a mentorship program here at Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) at ConExpo with mild success. When developing it, I never thought about it being vertical vs. horizontal...never crossed my mind. Then, thanks to Thomas Haun and Turner Mining Group introducing me to Garrett Mintz I became aware of the differences and important distinctions. I love when my assumptions are challenged and it's exciting to share it all with everyone as part of EquipmentSHIFT 2020 tomorrow. Try very hard not to miss won't regret it. #equipmentshift2020

Image of Bruna Da Silva

Bruna Da Silva

Purchasing Manager at StoneHardscapes

One of my greatest challenges is trying to find balance in life. I feel like I am constantly trying to juggle everything around me that sometimes I forget to take a deep breath, pause and enjoy all the wonderful things God have given us. Today I am doing just that! I would like to thank my mentor Diane McMillen for encouraging me! Do you also struggle finding that Balance in your life? 🤔 Can you share some of the things you do to try to improve that?!

Image of Troy Purdue

Troy Purdue

Sales Enablement Director at Marathon Health | Revenue Collective Assoc. | Growth | Strategy

The most successful people are avid learners. They connect with others who are more educated, more experienced, more tenured. I try to live this way every day. I read books, listen to podcasts, experiment. I try to be a sponge, soaking up knowledge whenever possible. One of the areas where I've been deficient though is in finding mentors. Sure, I learn from those around me and those who are leading me. But there is something different about outside mentorship. I've decided to change that. I've joined the Ambition In Motion program for the next six months to expand my horizons. To meet with others outside of my industry and skillset. I'm hoping this program will provide me insights into areas where I need more growth, both personally and professionally. I'm hoping to provide the same to others in the program. If you're deficient in mentorship like I am, consider checking out the program. It may be just what you need.

Image of Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

Owner, EHCS | Independent HR Consultant

Normal Apprehensions - Getting Started with My Executive Mentor I have to admit, I had a bit of nervousness about getting to know my matched Executive mentor enough to share openly and about being totally vulnerable. After all, I didn't even know this person! Ambition In Motion's process starting with the initial introduction, and then moving on with structured, yet fluid meeting agendas for us, has removed those apprehensions. In just 2+ meetings our apprehensions about sharing with each other are literally gone, and through the process, we have found a growing horizontal peer mentoring relationship. Thanks Ambition In Motion!! #mentoring Thanks #garrettmintz

Image of Dolores Wuepper

Dolores Wuepper

Director of Talent Acquisition at Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery

Session 2 of my peer mentor program with Ambition In Motion was AMAZING! My peer mentor and I opened up our project portfolio that we are each working on this year and our jaws dropped when we realized that we were both working on the same projects! We went back and forth on ideas the other one could incorporate into each project and at the end of the day, I couldn't help but become even more enthusiastic about the work that I was already working on! I'm happy to say that in 2 weeks, we are going to set aside time for us to dig in deeper into each other's projects and see what we can do to help! 2 heads are definitely better than one, but putting 2 passionate people together to work on projects, just because it's fun and they want to - now, that's when magic happens. More to come!

Image of Melinda Honcoop

Melinda Honcoop

Chief People Officer

This week after my Ambition In Motion peer mentoring session, I remembered how easy it is in this time of isolation to feel you are alone on an island in your mind. That feeling of being the "only one" I realized caused me to overthink things and make them bigger than life. The simple act of just talking with someone freed me from my isolated mind island. The issues in my mind that previously felt like me versus the abominable snow monster immediately became reasonable. My peer mentor was able to give me some actionable tips and, most importantly, accountability. As a result, I was able to lean into the next steps and move through to resolution. It's OK not to be OK, but we need to connect with others to continue to lean in and continue to step through life. Resiliency requires growth, which is not easy. We need others around us to support us in that journey. We cannot do life alone. Remember, you are not alone, and reach out and talk with others.

Image of David Loyd

David Loyd

Director of Human Resources at The Salvation Army

Often, as managers, we can lose ourselves in the big picture items. It is easy to get lost in the details for the next quarter, next month, or even next week. While becoming overwhelmed, we might lose sight of the little things that show our appreciation to staff. It is the little things, the low hanging fruit, that can have the most impact. While you might not have the budget to give the big raise that staff would like, the "deposits into the self-esteem account" can cover the gap. Through a simple act, management can show staff that you have heard their issue, acted upon their request, and validated their beliefs. This adds value to employees' thoughts and feelings. It shows staff that they will be heard; even if you can't act upon their current request, there may be room for compromise. Regardless, you have brought them into the process and validated their faith in management. This is especially key if you want to have an open environment in your office. Making deposits into a self-esteem account shows your staff that you do what you say you will do. You put words into action and listen when your staff has problems. This opens communication lines and encourages better collaboration, which in the HR world is worth its weight in gold!

Image of Melinda Honcoop

Melinda Honcoop

Chief People Officer

Closing out this Thanksgiving season with another moment of gratitude. I am grateful for Ambition In Motion which uses a data-driven approach to pair you with a Horizontal Mentor. Their self and 360-feedback analysis process provided data that not only matched me with the best peer mentor but confirmed self assumptions that I am firmly calling focused. This focus can be both my strength and weakness. My calling is to make a positive impact or difference. Broken down, it is about creating meaningful and trusted connections to empower others to realize individual and business successes. I am grateful to do something that I enjoy, but that often means it is easy for me to become fully absorbed in activities and lose sight of myself. In 2020, I realized that self-care was a necessary ingredient that I needed to start building into my daily routine. After adding myself to my priority list, I noticed that I was more effective in my calling. Ambition in Motion is just one of those new practices that have helped keep this learning top of mind.

Image of Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell

Growth Strategist | Build High-Performance Sales Cultures | Maximize Sales Revenue

Good morning! I'm moved to pass along my positive experience with Garrett Mintz and his team at Ambition In Motion. They took the time and gathered the detail necessary to effectively pair me in a horizontal mentorship with JC Otero, MBA. The experience has been better than expected. Among other things, I'm consistently reminded of the power of setting expectations and having mutual accountability. Onward and upward! Patrick

Image of Catherine Frenette

Catherine Frenette

President | Quebec-Africa Chamber of Commerce

Hi Garrett, Many thanks to you and Tory for your availability and also for the quality of your work beyond the platform -- the onboarding process is seamless and all the advice you provided was much appreciated. We are already in the process of integrating the Manager Insights tool to our promotional materials and looking forward to taking it for a spin with a real-life client.

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Mentorship Types

Why horizontal beats vertical every time

Becomes Transactional Creates a power imbalance based on workplace hierarchy

Mentorship is not training. When mentorship is vertical, the focus is on the mentee getting something as opposed to both people benefitting.


Of Participants in Traditional...

Vertical mentorships are considered productive and quality by both parties

Builds Empathy Creates opportunities to learn about obstacles

Mentorship is mutual. When mentorship is horizontal, the focus is on both people learning and teaching, regardless of experience or status.


Of Participants in Horizontal...

Mentorships last for 6 months and are considered productive by participants

vertical mentorship


Power imbalances

Pressure to impress

Communication barriers

vertical mentorship
horizontal mentorship


Mutual respect

Shared motivations


horizontal mentorship

Understand the obstacles faced by employees in different departments

This understanding builds empathy between team members and breaks down communication barriers which decreases engagement volatility and increases productivity


Scenario A Poor Communication

Bob in accounting to Jen in accounting

Bob - "$200 for lunch! How could Justin possibly justify spending $200 on a LUNCH!? I am going to send him an email asking him to explain why he needed to spend $200 on lunch."

Justin in sales to Larissa in sales

Justin - "Accounting is getting all over me for that lunch the other day. Do they not realize that this is our largest client? Do they not realize how they get their paychecks!? Sales! Without us, the company can't operate. If I don't wine and dine our largest client for a lunch and we lose that deal, we may have to make cutbacks. Spending $200 on one lunch is a drop in the bucket compared to losing the thousands in revenue we make every month on them. Stupid accountants!"


Bob in accounting is matched with Justin in sales.

Justin - "I didn't realize how similar we are in terms of what motivates us at work. We both strive for professional growth. I didn't realize how similar we are. I also didn't realize the pressure you are under to balance the books and how our accounting is recorded. That $200 lunch is recorded in this quarter but the revenue we received from that client is recorded in next quarter, creating an imbalance in the books. I also didn't realize how much you budgeted for me to spend on a typical lunch and that $200 was over that budget."

Bob - "I also didn't realize how similar we are in terms of Work Orientation. I didn't realize how much pressure you are under to make quota and keep our existing clients. Please let me know which clients you would like a little more budget to wine and dine so I can write that into the budget for the future."

Build empathy between team members and open up new lines of communication

Horizontal Mentorship with Ambition In Motion changes the game by breaking through communication barriers across employees.

Women's Empowerment Group

Sofia is a junior developer for a company Ambition In Motion works with and Laurie is the VP of customer success. Sofia is 28 years old and Laurie is 48 years old. They work in completely different departments and have occasional interactions with each other. After getting paired with each other for the mentoring relationship, they ended up realizing that their company really needed a Women’s Empowerment Group. They created the group on their own time outside of work and now go to Women In Technology fairs at colleges across Indiana to recruit young women in technology to join their group. This has helped their company build a more inclusive environment and has helped get young developers interested in working for their company.


Removing Assumptions About Other's Work

Jim is the Director of Training and Development for a company Ambition In Motion works with and Luke works in accounting. Jim is 56 years old and Luke is 33 years old. They work in completely different departments and have occasional interactions with each other. Before the mentor program, Jim would receive emails from Luke because Jim didn’t properly submit his expense reports (e.g. an i wasn’t dotted or a t not crossed). Jim perceived this as a hassle and openly complained about Luke’s emails to other employees. After getting paired for the mentoring relationship, Jim was able to learn about the pressures Luke is under and gained insight into why it is critical that his expense reports are completed properly (e.g. not getting audited by the IRS). Jim has stopped complaining about Luke’s emails and now rarely receives them because he and his entire department gets his expense reports completed properly the first time. Jim also gave Luke feedback on how he could send future expense report revisions that cut the revision time down from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.


Building Connection for Remote Employees

Navneet is an engineer for a company Ambition In Motion works with and Karla works in sales. Navneet is 31 years old and Karla is 47 years old. Not only do they work in different departments, but Navneet works remotely. Navneet has been at the company for less than 2 years and enjoys working for the company but has only met people in other departments a handful of times for trainings and events that require her to come to the home office. This distance caused her to feel disconnected to the culture of the company and a lack of understanding in terms of how her role fit into the operation of the company as whole. After getting connected with Karla, she was able to build a connection with somebody who had worked at the company for over 5 years and could help her better understand the company culture, how other departments operate, and how her role helps make the company's operations run smoother. With this greater understanding, Navneet has now started to prototype ideas based on the feedback Karla is receiving in her sales conversations on her own time as a way to further enhance the company's offerings.


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