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Professional Development through Mentorship

Established in 2013, Ambition in Motion began by connecting college students with mentors to help their professional development. Our program evolved from one-on-one coaching to group meetings, gaining popularity among fraternities and sororities where we helped maintain alumni engagement through mentorship. Since then, we have expanded nationally, partnering with over 300 campuses.

Amid the pandemic, feedback from professionals showed us traditional mentor programs were unable to adapt to our changing world. We saw that there was a hunger for executive mentorship and professional development that could help companies grow during hard times. We built on our expertise to develop AIM’s premier executive programs: AIM Insights and AIM Executive Mastermind Groups. Our new programs are used across the country to help managers and executives grow professionally, understand their team, and help improve their team’s productivity. We provide personalized executive coaching and a system for measuring and understanding how your team is doing each month.

Our strengths come from our unique mentor pairing algorithm, and our research-driven approach led by Jacob Oury PhD. We have facilitated over 1,000 mentor relationships across college and our 6-month mentor relationships are shown to surpass traditional methods by showing 4x in productivity and excellence. AIM Insights is the latest addition to our platform, and it has helped teams set better goals, measure performance, improve engagement, and create greater communication between direct reports and managers.

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Garrett Mintz
CEO and Founder

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Why choose Ambition in Motion

Ambition in Motion has years of experience engaging in mentoring programs that have addressed the topics: collaboration, increasing motivation, increasing productivity, increasing accountability and increasing engagement. Advised by Industrial‐Organizational Psychologists Kyle Bradley PhD and Jacob Oury PhD

Our Team:

We are passionate about improving the impact of mentoring

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Garrett Mintz
Dave Criswell Profile Picture
Dave Criswell
Vice President of Revenue
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Brittni Martinez
Social Media Manager
Ben Graham Profile Picture
Ben Graham
Lead Software Engineer
Jacob Oury, PhD Profile Picture
Jacob Oury, PhD
User Experience Designer

Executive Coaches

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Hannah Judson
Executive Coach
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Carol Blades
Executive Coach


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John Mark Massey
Technical Advisor on Special Projects
Kyle Bradley, PhD Profile Picture
Kyle Bradley, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management
Kansas State University

Our VISION is a world where the vast majority of people are EXCITED to go to work!

When they are at work their EXPECTATIONS MEET REALITY, and when they come home they feel FULFILLED