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Our Mar '23 Symposium Event
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  • Mar '22 Symposium Event

Our VISION is a world where the vast majority of people are EXCITED to go to WORK!

When they are there their EXPECTATIONS MEET REALITY, and when the come home THEY FEEL FULFILLED

Everything you need to know

What is an Executive Symposium?

Can I observe an Executive Symposium panel if I am not able to attend in person?

What types of venues are the Executive Symposiums held at?

What cities have you hosted Executive Symposiums and where do you plan to host future Symposiums?

How often do you host Executive Symposiums?

Who typically attends an Executive Symposium?

How are Symposium Topics determined?

How are panelists selected for the Executive Symposium?

Who have been your panelists in the past?

What is the vision for the Executive Symposiums?

Will food and beverages be served at an Executive Symposium?

Do you have icebreakers or ways for attendees to connect with each other?

Can I invite colleagues to join me at the event?

Can my company sponsor an Executive Symposium?