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End Annual Performance Reviews

Unique management challenges

Modern businesses typically work on many different projects with changes regularly disrupting the normal course of activities, and teams must be able to adjust at all times
  • Knowing who is available to lend a hand to a project team
  • Maintaining visibility of all ongoing activities of the business
  • Assessing how the organization is performing as a whole
  • Connecting diverse projects and sharing feedback from many experts to improve each project
  • Harmonizing projects, especially during crunch time
  • Staying on top of unexpected events that impact the project schedule
  • Handling coordination meetings for reassessing schedules and assignments to prioritize the most pressing tasks

Get an AIM insights report

Team Insights allows you and your team to update performance on a monthly basis to eradicate
confusion around who is doing what and how people feel about their work.

Team Insights allows you and your team to update performance on a monthly basis to eradicate confusion around who is doing what and how people feel about their work.

  • Visibility over all
    ongoing activities

  • Efficient input from all
    facets of a project

  • Effective coordination
    of assignments
Organizational Citizenship:* Individual, discretionary behaviors that are outside an employee’s formal job description that improve workplace morale & increase satisfaction

How it works

A guide to participating in your horizontal mentor program

Upgrade your employee review process

Remove the bias, awkwardness, and subjectivity of the annual/bi-annual review process

  • Stretch and grow their direct reports to increase performance and job satisfaction

  • Stay on top of unexpected events & minimize their impact on the team

  • Understand team‐wide performance from the perspective of all team members

  • Provide objective performance to underperformers
    Employees set their own monthly goals vs. manager led goals

Help managers be more effective and efficient

  • Outdated Bi/Annual Reviews

  • One‐time, annual accounting of events long after many of them occurred

  • Inability to act or adapt in the moment

  • Bundles all projects into one general evaluation

  • Doesn’t directly impact your organization’s bottom line

  • Doesn’t evaluate individual performance within the team

  • Doesn’t evaluate the team’s performance from the perspective of the team members

  • Typically a structured process that can be biased towards traditional work ideas
  • AIM Insights

  • Monthly metrics on task performance, team performance, manager performance, organizational citizenship

  • Ability to make timely decisions

  • Directly linked to organizational strategies and goals.

  • Impacts your organization’s bottom line

  • Evaluates an individual’s performance and how they perform in their teams

  • Evaluations reflect both individual and team performance and provide a holistic perspective over the entire team

  • Diversifies the ways that your employees can direct their career path and grow within the company


  • How they perform the way they do in their business role, what makes them tic
  • Work on a timeline
  • Scalable to majority of the team
  • Longitudinal Data – month x month (not a 1x report)
  • Dashboard of monthly checkpoints
  • Objective
  • Qualitative AND quantitative
  • Practical – measures “professional” data points
  • Performance driven data vs personality driven
  • How productive do you think your manager was in past 30‐days?

Why choose Ambition in Motion

Ambition in Motion has years of experience engaging in mentoring programs that have addressed the topics: collaboration, increase in motivation, increase in productivity, increase in productivity, increase in accountability and increase in engagement. Advised by Industrial‐Organizational Psychologists Kyle Bradley and Jacob Oury

Our mission:

We are passionate about improving the impact of mentoring

We help teams and executives communicate better through horizontal mentorship.
For Teams: We help teams avoid losing their best people and improve their current team.
For Executives: We help them avoid wasted time by providing objective metrics on their own improvement and their company’s performance to see up‐to‐date data on their performance.

Garrett Mintz
Jacob Oury
Graduate Researcher
Penn. State University
Kyle Bradley, PhD
Professor Management
Kansas State University
Ambition In Motion works with companies and organizations to connect their people together for mentoring engagement, productivity, and retention.

Ambition In Motion has discovered a science around why people get along with each other for mentoring relationships and why others do not.

They have created an algorithm and methodology around matching people together on a team for optimal fit; allowing teams to connect people from varying departments, years of experience, and backgrounds together to grow the culture of the company.

Benefits of an anonymous 3rd party

  • Employee honesty & Confidentiality
  • Aggregated data leads to anonymous results
  • See how team is doing as a whole, make timely adjustments
  • Employees more likely to open up to those outside the organization than a direct supervisor

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