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Elements of AIM Insights

Executive Coaching

Connect each leader with a personal executive coach to interpret their team's monthly metrics and work through their teams' challenges. AIM's certified executive coaches can be curated for industry and department-specific functions.

Goals Report

Document and track individual team members' goals. Measure impact and whether a goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). AIM\’s Goals Report gives leaders the ability to assess and align their direct reports' goals and focuses. AIM’s Goals Report also helps leaders overcome subjectivity and recency bias when reviewing their direct reports.

Gap Analysis

Measure the gap between team members' sentiment and their leaders' perception of their sentiment. Closing the perception gap between what a leader thinks of their direct reports and what the team members think of themselves is critical to helping that leader understand where they need to create clarity for their direct reports.


Maintain awareness of each leader's performance from the perspective of their direct reports. Discover how your leaders' performance stacks up to leaders at similar companies.

We (my executive team and I) were looking at the tool and were taken back at the feedback we were receiving. People were willing to reveal more in your tool than they were when chatting with them face-to-face. We were impressed with the fact that we could have a deeper discussion with our team members based on the data and have already seen our team’s morale improve because the team feels like their individual goals are now aligned with the goals we are working towards as a company.

Burt Tellier

Vice President

North West Rubber

Image of Burt Tellier
Why do leaders need metrics to display their leadership abilities?
Advancement opportunities are earned not by being the best leader but by being the best at communicating your leadership skills.
You're a great leader. Let AIM Insights help you measure and showcase your abilities.

Challenges Communicating Leadership Abilities

Lack of quantifiable metrics: Leaders have no way of tracking how their leadership has impacted their employee's sentiment, productivity, and engagement.
Lack of a sponsor: If your relationship with your boss isn't superb, the likelihood that your boss will recommend you or sponsor you for a promotion is low regardless of how well you are leading your team.
Time constraints: As the team's leader, you don't have enough time to personally track all of the things your team is accomplishing and how they are feeling on a month-to-month basis.
Lack of a strategy: If you do collect data on each of your direct reports, building a leadership strategy catered to each direct report is not easy and takes time to diagnose.
Bias: The feedback that team members report back to you as to how their team is performing, consciously or unconsciously, is going to possess some form of bias when the feedback is given directly to you
Lack of guidance: When leaders receive feedback that their perception of their team doesn't meet reality, they typically lack the executive coaching resources to better understand the feedback and implement solutions to close the perception gap

How AIM Insights works

Schedule an evaluation meeting to see if AIM Insights is right for you.
Set up a kickoff session to inform and onboard your team.
Leverage AIM Insights to collect monthly pulse surveys from your team.
Meet with your executive coach to identify challenges and analyze your results.


Key Metrics: AIM Insights shows key metrics on a monthly basis on how a team's sentiment and productivity is changing month-over-month.
Sponsor: By having these key metrics and the ability to benchmark them compared to other leaders of similar teams outside of your company, you can showcase your abilities as a leader, regardless of whether your boss decides to sponsor you.
Time: AIM Insights works in the background every month collecting data, making the time tracking and measuring this information both minimal for you and your team.
Strategy: Every leader using AIM Insights receives monthly executive coaching guidance to help them better digest the data they have received through AIM Insights and execute a strategy to help them improve their results
Overcoming Bias: By having a consistent process for gathering feedback and utilizing consistent metrics for success across all teams, executives can get a clear, unbiased perspective as to how everyone in their reporting structure feels about their work

At first I was a little nervous getting started (using AIM Insights) because I didn't know how my team would receive the survey. But after using the tool, I am learning so much more about my team that I didn't know from our previous 1:1 conversations and it is helping me connect with my team on a deeper level.

Kari Ardalan

Vice President of Scaled Success


Image of Kari Ardalan

Everything you need to know

What is the first step to using AIM Insights?

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Is there a limit to the number of leaders or team members that can use AIM Insights?

Can AIM Insights be used with non-traditional teams (e.g. project-based teams, contract workers, matrixed teams, or flat organizations)?

Who are the executive coaches?

Can I start and stop using AIM Insights anytime?

AIM Insights gave me the confidence to make some changes to the reporting structure of my team and have conversations with team members I would have never had I had a feeling that some team members were feeling a certain way, but I didn't have tangible proof of it. AIM Insights not only gave me concrete data as to what was going on with my team, it coached me on how to approach some difficult conversations with my direct reports.

Warren Wise


CRM Workforce Solutions

Image of Warren Wise
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