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Corporate mentorship for everyone. Powerful and engaging. Reiminage your work-life experience.

Startup Executives

Entrepreneurs, CEO, and directors of new business ventures.

CEO's (100-500 employees)

CEO's (500+ employees)

Small Business Owners & Executives

Any business owners holding up the community

Operations Leaders

COO's, directors of operations, and anybody who is an executive of operational activities

Finance Leaders

CFO's, financial VPs, and anybody else who leads and directs financial activities

Nonprofit Leaders

Sales Leaders

Human Resources Leaders

CMO’s and Marketing Leaders

Program Lifecycle

A guide to participating in your horizontal mentor program

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Complete the initial assessment so we can learn your Work Orientation and identify your best fit mentor match.

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Get introduced to the program, set expectations for mentor meetings, and answer any questions you may have.

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Connect with your mentor via email introduction, schedule a time for your first mentor meeting, and review the mentor meeting agenda.

Provide Feedback

Share your feedback after each mentor meeting via monthly forms and schedule monthly 1-on-1 meetings to share in-depth insights.


Connect with a new mentor after your mentor cycle to continually build rapport with more colleagues in your company.

Why it works

This is why participating in this mentor program will work for you

Identify opportunities to innovate 1

Connecting with another professional in your field that shares your Work Orientation will ensure that your values and aspirations align.

Share knowledge 2

Cross company connections through horizontal mentorship will break through social barriers and enable you to find solutions to problems outside of the box.

Optimize escalation 3

Facilitating interaction between you and other executives who can relate will unlock the business-as-usual barriers and optimize how people resolve problems; reaching the right people at the right time.

Stay agile 4

Agile teams are able to dynamically change tactics to respond to new methods of problem solving and team work.

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Building Mentor Connections Through Work Orientation

Kickstarting Mentorships For Fulfilling Careers