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Interview with a guest speaker during the Higher Ed mentor program.

Charmaine Hammond , Wed 2 October 2019
She has helped clients in many industries build resilient and engaged workplaces, develop high trust/high accountability relationships, and solve workplace issues that get in the way of success and profitability. She has owned 3 of her own businesses over the past 22 years. Prior to this she worked as a Correctional Officer, Counsellor and Contract Negotiation Specialist for government. 
 Her corporate clients have included all 3 levels of government, oil and gas sector, trade associations and companies (health, nursing, engineering, safety, and more), technology businesses, human resources, community partnership departments, educational institutions, police/fire and rescue, non profit organizations and everything in between. She has presented to more than 300,000 people worldwide. 
 She has a Master's Degree in Conflict Management & Analysis is a bestselling author (of 5 books & featured in 6 others), and CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional. Charmaine has been featured in renowned publications such as Inc., Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, and many others, as well as having appeared as a guest on numerous TV and Radio Programs. 
 Charmaine is Co-Producer of The Beast animated film (release winter 2019) starring a number of widely recognized celebrities, and her new book Working Better Together comes out this fall.