How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

Interview with a guest speaker during the Higher Ed mentor program.

Hallie Crawford , Wed 15 April 2020
During this video, we introduce the Ambition In Motion mentor program and then interview Hallie Crawford to discuss how professionals can handle conflict at work, as well as discuss Ashley's professional experiences and mentor relationships. The host of this video is Ambition In Motion's founder, Garrett Mintz.

Did you or have you ever struggled with communicating about conflict?
Have you ever worked with someone that you didn’t see eye to eye with?
Is it possible to continue working with those people?
Who do you talk to about the conflict to sort your thoughts out?
What are some of the most common conflicts in the workplace?
What is a leadership conflict? E.g. when there are multiple bosses who hold the same rank diving differing instructions. How do you handle that?
How do you handle a situation in which you are relying on somebody else’s work to get your tasks complete? Can you set expectations early? If so, how do you properly do that? What if you drop the ball on the expectations you set for the other person?
If somebody has a different work style as you, how do you handle ensuring there is productivity, even if you both go about accomplishing the same task in different ways? 
How would you suggest people handle cultural-based differences in the workplace? E.g. people with different backgrounds, cultures, or social norms as you, how do you handle that? Especially for international business.
How do you handle personality clashes? How would you suggest people handle that?