Andrea Constantine
Andrea Constantine
Andrea Constantine found her ikigai - reason for being, which the Japanese say is found at the intersection of what a person is good at, what a person loves, what the world needs, and what a person can be paid for - in 2019. Achieving this self-understanding was a journey that can be broken down into three phases. First, in 2011, she decided against law school (even though it had been her lifelong goal) after doing a ROI analysis on her future and realized that it would be unwise to incur more student debt, especially in the post-Recession environment. This 11th hour decision put her in a predicament because she knew she would be graduating with nearly $200K of student debt in 9 months, and absolutely needed a high paying job. Fortunately, she ended up receiving three job offers in April 2012, one month before graduation. Second, since 2012 she has worked at Estee Lauder Companies (Presidential Associate & Corporate Marketing Analytics Associate), Bloomberg Tradebook (Electronic Trading Marketing Associate & Equities Trader), Rosenblatt Securities (Investment Banking Associate), and Goldman Sachs (Electronic Trading Marketing Associate). Each of these companies and positions helped Andrea narrow in on her true talents and introduced her to a network of amazing people who helped guide her, directly and indirectly. Third, in 2019, Andrea met four people who helped her finally understand her ikigai: helping people understand what it takes to achieve Fiscal Happiness (the empathetic understanding that our emotional and financial well-being are intertwined). Access to career opportunities, solid professional and personal relationships, dealing with student loans, and personal finance knowledge are core to our Fiscal Happiness. Today, Andrea writes about all of these topics and posts her articles to Medium. She is also starting a new position as a Talent Research Insights Manager with a start-up that she learned about simply because a new acquaintance invited her to the start-up's book launch. If Andrea's background teaches you only two things, it's to have a growth mindset and express a genuine interest in all people. 


Sun 1 March 2020
During this video, we introduce the Ambition In Motion mentor program and then interview Andrea Constantine to discuss how college students and professionals can network in a genuine and meaningful way, as well as discuss Andrea's professional experiences and mentor relationships. The host of this video is Ambition In Motion's founder, Garrett Mintz.

Questions that we cover include:
What does genuine networking mean to you?
What your Ikigai, or reason for being?
How can your life goals influence who you surround yourself with?
How can your network influence your career movement?
What is a successful person?
Do you need to practice networking? If so, how can you do that?
Are people generally helpful?
What does it take to have meaningful conversations?
How can someone practice asking more engaging questions?
How can somebody set the stage for informational interviews?
Is appropriate to take notes during meetings? If so, how can somebody take notes appropriately?
Does body language play a factor in networking and relationship building?
Does vocal inflection have an impact on networking and relationship building?
What are go-to questions to ask to get to know somebody better?
When is the right time to be vulnerable in a conversation with somebody?
When is the right time to be vulnerable in a mentor relationship?
Is it appropriate to ask for introductions from a mentor?