Erica Ballard
Erica Ballard
Erica Ballard is the Founder and CEO of The B Method – a health program designed to optimize teams’ energy and focus through biology. Through her company, Erica works with high performers to optimize their energy, productivity and focus through food and stress management.


Thu 3 October 2019
 Erica works with both individuals and companies to show them how to live healthy despite their busy schedules. Erica is the host of the upcoming podcast The Lies You’ve Been Fed and has been featured in Women’s Health, WTHR, and now the Indy Chamber. 
 Before starting her businesses, Erica worked in health care and public health for almost a decade. She has a MS from Tufts School of Medicine and her CHC through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 
 After ten years on the east coast, she now lives in hometown of Indianapolis with her amazing husband Nick and their really cute dog Max. 
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