Janice Porter
Janice Porter
Janice began her career as a teacher, was a corporate trainer and has now been in business for herself for several years. She found her niche coaching and training business professionals to network at a mastery level and turn their connections into new business.
For Janice, it’s all about relationships! First and foremost is her family – she is very proud of her two daughters, and appreciates the support of her husband through all that she does.
Having an innate curiosity, she has leveraged that into building business relationships and teaches others how to do the same. Connecting people is a skill that Janice uses, when needed – and only when she feels that it will be managed most professionally – as she holds her relationships very dearly.
Her passion is working with people who want to build their businesses through relationship marketing and networking – and she does that using online and offline strategies.
LinkedIn training is a huge part of Janice’s business. She believes anyone in business or looking for a new position, needs to have a professional LinkedIn profile, and that LinkedIn is a powerful, under-utilized online platform for attracting new clients, new referral partners, or being found by recruiters.
Staying connected, and nurturing relationships comes next – and Janice shows clients how to implement a Tangible Touch follow-up system with clients, prospects, and associates to stay in front of them, while at the same time celebrating and appreciating them on a consistent basis.
Janice really values the friendships and business relationships she makes and when she meets someone new is always thinking: “How may I support you?”
You can listen to Janice on her Relationships Rule Podcast on iTunes, Sticher, and most other podcast platforms.


Thu 5 March 2020
During this video, we introduce the Ambition In Motion mentor program and then interview Janice Porter to discuss how college students and professionals can network in a genuine and meaningful way, as well as discuss Janice's professional experiences and mentor relationships. The host of this video is Ambition In Motion's founder, Garrett Mintz.

Questions that we cover include:
What does genuine networking mean to you?
What is your reason for being?
How can your life goals influence who you surround yourself with?
How can your network influence your career movement?
What is a successful person?
Do you need to practice networking? If so, how can you do that?
Are people generally helpful?
What does it take to have meaningful conversations?
How can someone practice asking more engaging questions?
How can somebody set the stage for informational interviews?
Is appropriate to take notes during meetings? If so, how can somebody take notes appropriately?
Does body language play a factor in networking and relationship building?
Does vocal inflection have an impact on networking and relationship building?
What are go-to questions to ask to get to know somebody better?
When is the right time to be vulnerable in a conversation with somebody?
When is the right time to be vulnerable in a mentor relationship?
Is it appropriate to ask for introductions from a mentor?