Mac Prichard
Mac Prichard
Mac Prichard is the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, a job board and career hub for the Pacific Northwest with a mission to create more human hiring processes to improve the workforce for all. Mac’s List was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2001 and became a Certified B Corporation in 2017. Today Mac’s List serves job seekers and employers in Oregon and Washington with their top-tier job board as well as courses, books, events, and other resources that bring people together to find better jobs and happier careers.
Mac built two small businesses on the strength of his professional network, and he has taught thousands of people how to grow their careers through relationships with others. Mac shows job seekers and employers how to break down the barriers between them by teaching empathy, curiosity, and people-focused hiring with a practical, nuts-and-bolts style.
Mac is also the author of the book “Land Your Dream Job Anywhere” and host of the weekly career advice podcast Find Your Dream Job.


Tue 24 March 2020
During this video, we introduce the Ambition In Motion mentor program and then interview Mac Prichard to discuss how college students and professionals can prepare for professional interviews, as well as discuss Mac's professional experiences and mentor relationships. The host of this video is Ambition In Motion's founder, Garrett Mintz.

Some questions which will be addressed in this workshop series:
How do you control the interview?
How can you ensure that you are being interviewed accurately?
How do you handle difficult questions during the interview?
What is the best way to answer interview questions?
How should you prepare for an interview?
Can you leverage your network to help you land an interview?
What is the purpose of a resume?
What is the purpose of a cover letter?
What if you get an offer but are waiting to hear back from another company?
Is it bad to accept an offer then pull it for another offer?
How should you follow up after the interview?
What are strong questions for a candidate to ask?
How do you determine what is most impactful for a job offer, especially when you have multiple offers?