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Guest Speakers

Evangelia Leclaire
Sep 15 - 8pm EST – Get your foot in the door

I'm a coach, trainer, and facilitator with 18+ years of people operations experience helping individuals and companies build dream careers. more

Heather Wilde
Sep 16 - 8pm EST – Get your foot in the door

Heather Wilde was the eighth employee of Evernote and is known as “The Unicorn Whisperer”. more

Judith Humphrey
Sep 17 - 8pm EST – Get your foot in the door

Judith Humphrey is a communications expert with a 30-year track record in founding and building The Humphrey Group, a global leadership communications company with offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Mexico City more

Cassie Grosjean
Sep 18 - 8pm EST – Transitioning to a manager role

My name is Cassie Grosjean and I'm an Indiana native! I'm from Fort Wayne originally, but went to IU and graduated in 2015 with an Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations degree. more

Ai Addyson-Zhang
Oct 1 - 8pm EST – Informational interview

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang is an educator and an entrepreneur. She received her MA and Ph.D. in Communication from Syracuse University and the University of Maryland more

Charmaine Hammond
Oct 2 - 8pm EST – Determine the value of education

Charmaine Hammond is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker, entrepreneur, author and educator who teaches and advocates the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships and collaboration in the workplace. more

Kathy Caprino
Oct 2 - 9.30pm EST - Informational interview

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally-recognized career and executive coach, writer, speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. more

Erica Ballard
Oct 3 - 8pm EST – Informational interview

Erica Ballard is the Founder and CEO of The B Method – a health program designed to optimize teams’ energy and focus through biology. Through her company, Erica works with high performers to optimize their energy, productivity and focus through food and stress management. more

Jordan Paris
Oct 4 - 8pm EST – Special sessions

Jordan Paris is a 21-year-old author, podcast host, and former college athlete seen in Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, and NASDAQ. more

Marcus Wermuth
Oct 8 - 8pm EST – Working remotely from an engineering and management perspective

In the past 4 years Marcus has worked as a manager for Buffer, one of the most reputable fully-distributed companies in the world more

Vinay Singh
Oct 20 - 8pm EST – Professional interview

DrVinay Singh is a strategist, consultant, influencer and thought leader in the field of Talent Acquisition, Adult Leadership & Diversity and Inclusion. more

Ashira Prossack
Oct 21 - 8pm EST – Professional interview

Ashira Prossack is an Internationally recognized Multi-Generational Workplace Expert helping organizations manage, engage, attract, and retain next generation talent, and helping Millennials & Gen Z develop as leaders and build business skills. more

Emilio Lorenzo
Oct 22 - 8pm EST – Informational interview

Emilio is the Associate Director of Employer Relations at NSU. He joined the Office of Career Development as a Graduate Assistant Career Advisor in July 2012. more

John Boitnot
Oct 23 - 8pm EST – When is it time to switch jobs

A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked at TV, newspapers, radio and Internet companies for 25 years. more

Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Nov 10 - 8pm EST – How to crush an internship

Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a career expert and media personality as co-founder of SixFigureStart® career coaching and Costa Rica FIRE, a travel, real estate and FIRE site. more

Lexi Herrick
Nov 11 - 8pm EST – Making the most of an internship

Lexi Herrick is a long-time fan of the glorious intersection of technology and creativity, where words meet numbers and the real magic happens. more

David Meltzer
Nov 12 - 8pm EST – Making the most of an internship

David Meltzer is CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, recognized as a premier global sports and entertainment marketing firm. He is a 2X international best-selling author, a Forbes Top 10 Keynote Speaker to Hire, and an investor in the Splyce esports organization. more

Lauren Schieffer
Nov 13 - 8pm EST – Conflict management at work

As the daughter of a career Air Force officer, Lauren Schieffer grew up being uprooted and relocated every couple of years. This imbued her with a profound independence and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. more

Lou Adler
Pre recorded

Lou is the CEO and founder of The Adler Group – a consulting and training firm helping companies implement his Performance-based Hiring℠ system for finding and hiring exceptional talent. More than 40 thousand recruiters and hiring managers have attended his ground-breaking workshops over the past 20 years. more

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