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Elements of AIM Insights

Executive Coaching

Connect each leader with a personal executive coach to interpret their team's monthly metrics and work through their teams' challenges. AIM's certified executive coaches can be curated for industry and department-specific functions.

Goals Report

Document and track individual team members' goals. Measure impact and whether a goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). AIM\’s Goals Report gives leaders the ability to assess and align their direct reports' goals and focuses. AIM’s Goals Report also helps leaders overcome subjectivity and recency bias when reviewing their direct reports.

Gap Analysis

Measure the gap between team members' sentiment and their leaders' perception of their sentiment. Closing the perception gap between what a leader thinks of their direct reports and what the team members think of themselves is critical to helping that leader understand where they need to create clarity for their direct reports.


Maintain awareness of each leader's performance from the perspective of their direct reports. Discover how your leaders' performance stacks up to leaders at similar companies.

We (my executive team and I) were looking at the tool and were taken back at the feedback we were receiving. People were willing to reveal more in your tool than they were when chatting with them face-to-face. We were impressed with the fact that we could have a deeper discussion with our team members based on the data and have already seen our team’s morale improve because the team feels like their individual goals are now aligned with the goals we are working towards as a company.

Burt Tellier

Vice President

North West Rubber

Image of Burt Tellier
Why do leaders need an executive coach?
Even the best leaders have room for growth. Whether you are managing your team, your board, your boss, or fellow colleagues, how you handle the challenges you encounter has an effect on those working relationships.
An executive coach provides an environment for leaders to test their ideas, evaluate their concerns, and receive feedback before going live.

Common leadership Challenges

Lack of a sounding board: Isolation in leadership can cause people to make poor decisions.
Lack of objectivity: As leaders progress up their organizational hierarchy, their opinions are less likely to be challenged.
Driving behavioral change: Guiding employees to adopt change is difficult but necessary to effectively pivot.
Getting executive buy-in: Ineffectively communicating with senior leaders or board members can be a roadblock to achieving goals.
Resource constraints: Insufficient data, information, training, or human capital can inhibit leaders' abilities to make effective decisions.
Perception blind-spots: The unknown impacts a leader has on their team can make or break that team's ability to effectively work together.

How AIM Insights works

Schedule an evaluation meeting to see if AIM Insights is right for you.
Set up a kickoff session to inform and onboard your team.
Leverage AIM Insights to collect monthly pulse surveys from your team.
Meet with your executive coach to identify challenges and analyze your results.


Apply metrics to showcase your ability to effectively lead your team and improve their performance over time.
Align employee goals with organizational goals.
Increase retention, psychological safety, and productivity with your team members through improved dialogue and unbiased feedback.
Gain an understanding of how your team feels about their work and reduce the preparation time for performance reviews.
Make informed and supported decisions using your executive coach as a sounding board.
Improve communication and buy-in with team members and executives.

At first I was a little nervous getting started (using AIM Insights) because I didn't know how my team would receive the survey. But after using the tool, I am learning so much more about my team that I didn't know from our previous 1:1 conversations and it is helping me connect with my team on a deeper level.

Kari Ardalan

Vice President of Scaled Success


Image of Kari Ardalan

Everything you need to know

What is the first step to using AIM Insights?

What is the time commitment?

Is there a limit to the number of leaders or team members that can use AIM Insights?

Can AIM Insights be used with non-traditional teams (e.g. project-based teams, contract workers, matrixed teams, or flat organizations)?

Who are the executive coaches?

Can I start and stop using AIM Insights anytime?

AIM Insights gave me the confidence to make some changes to the reporting structure of my team and have conversations with team members I would have never had I had a feeling that some team members were feeling a certain way, but I didn't have tangible proof of it. AIM Insights not only gave me concrete data as to what was going on with my team, it coached me on how to approach some difficult conversations with my direct reports.

Warren Wise


CRM Workforce Solutions

Image of Warren Wise
Drive your company's results by equipping your leaders with AIM Insights
Leveraging metrics and coaching to improve leadership performance

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