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Create a Succession Plan that Lasts

Leverage the knowledge and experience your employees have gained and effectively transmit that information across the company
Effectively transmit knowledge and processes across your company

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Elements of the Ambition In Motion Executive Mastermind Group

Spend 3 hours per month. Gain an incredible amount of value!
Facilitated Group Meetings

Work through real challenges in monthly meetings with teams across your company. A facilitator provides resources that create an environment conducive to vulnerability, healthy conflict, and accountability. This creates opportunities for communication and innovation across teams that don't typically interact.

Horizontal Mentorship

Connect with a fellow team member for regular mentorship meetings. Horizontal mentorship occurs when two people are open to learning from each other regardless of their age or title. This is a proven method for achieving optimal results from mentorship. Ambition In Motion provides custom agendas to ensure the content of the mentor meetings aligns with the company's desired outcomes for the program.

Lunch & Learns

Learn from guest speakers each month on topics relevant to leadership. Guest speakers are typically best-selling authors or TED Talks speakers and all topics provide a unique lens on how leaders can improve their performance.

Impact Analysis

Measure the impact of mentorship via assessments before and after the program. Metrics include engagement, communication across departments, and perception of respect at work.

I knew that we needed something to get our executive team together and I have been so pleasantly surprised at how well our team responded to these (Ambition In Motion) meetingsWe are much more comfortable with engaging in healthy conflict and holding each other accountable. I feel that my relationships with my colleagues is much stronger because of this program.

Brad Ferrell


Hull & Knarr

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Why do companies need mentorship as part of their succession plan?
Because people retire and turnover happens and if companies don't have an effective way for transmitting the knowledge their employees have gained, the 2-week notice period is not going to be enough to effectively pass along that information.
An effective mentor program that harnesses the knowledge your employees have gained from their time working at your company and deploys that information across the organization can make succession planning seamless and easy.

Common Succession Challenges

Lack of plan clarity: When employees retire or leave, an uncommunicated strategy decreases productivity and increases turnover.
Disrupted processes: Previously formed teams with distinctive processes are apprehensive about adopting change, especially to those in new leadership roles.
Decreased efficiency: Learning curves from adapting to a new team or leader extend project timelines and outcomes.
Role redundancy: Effectively allocating shared resources means some team members have to take on new roles.
Lack of trust: Newly combined teams struggle to delegate tasks and build trust.
Reduced vision of organizational goals: Department leaders favor their team's goals over the organization's goals.

How the Ambition In Motion mentor program works

Schedule an evaluation meeting to see if your company is a fit for the Ambition In Motion mentor program.
If determined a fit, identify the desired outcomes from the mentor program: improve communication across departments, develop emerging leaders, increase collaboration across teams, leverage cross-functional knowledge, increase the engagement of employees, or any other desired goal.
Complete an initial impact analysis assessment.
Pair participating employees together for Horizontal Mentorship with custom agendas.
Participate in monthly mentor group meetings.


Accelerate the integration of merged teams with a clear strategy.
Streamline communication to increase trust and knowledge-sharing.
Improve agility and ability to handle changes in market conditions.
Align organizational goals with department goals to effectively allocate resources.
Reduced friction from challenges that stem from employees retiring or turning over.

Our team had never really taken the time to set a vision and plan for what we wanted to accomplish before. We knew we needed to do this but didn't exactly know how it would impact us. I was really impressed at how Ambition In Motion helped organize all of our executive team's thoughts into one place and helped us create a plan for what we need to accomplish in the new year. We now have a clear set of priorities and a plan for how we are going to accomplish those priorities. Having this all organized (by Ambition In Motion) has helped us make significant progress on projects that had a lot of uncertainty around whether or not we would accomplish them and helped us clarify what is on the priority list and focus on getting high-priority items accomplished and understand how that flows into subsequent tasks.

Christopher Legg

Vice President

Engineering Consultants

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Everything you need to know

What is the first step to getting started having Ambition In Motion facilitate a Horizontal Mentorship Program with our team?

What are the results a typical team achieves with the mentor program?

What is the time commitment?

Why is the Ambition In Motion mentor program better than an internally created mentor program?

Create a Succession Plan that Lasts
Have Ambition In Motion facilitate a Horizontal Mentorship Program for your company

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