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Every leader needs a coach.
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How Executive Coaching Works

Step 1: Meet Our Team

Meet with AIM's Executive Coaching Team to determine the best Executive Coaching setup for you. AIM's certified executive coaches can be curated for your industry and department-specific functions.

Step 2: Set your schedule

You and your coach will set a consistent schedule for your personalized coaching sessions. AIM knows that the key to success is building strong habits, so you will incorporate these meetings into your regular schedule.

Step 3: Set your KPIs

You and your coach will decide together how to document and track your goals and results. They help you set high-impact SMART Goals, and you feel confident working towards them.

Step 4: Measure your success

You and your coach will assess your progress and update your plans each meeting. Coaching is a learning process, and your coach will help you decide how you can continue to push yourself to get promoted sooner.

Why do you need an executive coach?
Even the best leaders have room for growth. As a future leader in your industry, how you handle the challenges you encounter directly affects your professional growth.
An executive coach provides an environment for leaders to test their ideas, evaluate their concerns, and receive feedback before going live.

Common leadership challenges

Lack of a sounding board: Isolation in leadership can cause people to make poor decisions.
Lack of objectivity: As leaders progress up their organizational hierarchy, their opinions are less likely to be challenged.
Getting executive buy-in: Ineffectively communicating with senior leaders or board members can be a roadblock to achieving goals.
Perception blindspots: The unknown impacts a leader has on their team can make or break that team's ability to effectively work together.

How Executive Coaching Helps

Get personalized feedback and advice from an industry professional.
Practice vulnerability to improve your communication at work
Build great habits that will help you achieve your long-term goals sooner.
Get a head start on developing and improving your personal leadership style.

Coaching provided by AIM has been a huge value add to my personal and professional growth. In the last few months, my Coach Hannah has helped me identify roadblocks to my growth, verbalize solutions, and identify over time the progress made to break through these roadblocks. Taking time to dive into what was preventing me from my goals has not been a priority, and not hitting my goals has left me stressed. With AIM Coaching, this exercise becomes part of my monthly well check. I highly recommend AIM Coaching.

John Schmersal

Director of Sales

Northwest Rubber

Image of John Schmersal

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